Wayout TV || Way2Learn || WAYS

Your in-cell learning channels for UK prisons

We're passionate about in-cell communications and blended-learning
We have three great channels that can assist with the rehabilitation of offenders

Wayout TV produces and curates the best educational content to compliment and extend learning, training
and employment opportunities and allow prison staff and their agencies to communicate with prisoners directly in their cells.

Way2Learn is our in-cell learning channel which delivers bite-size courses for those
hard-to-reach prisoners or those that just want to extend their learning.

WAYS is our new audio+ channel that produces and curates the best podcasts, audio-books, speech-based radio
and urban music streams to really engage prisoners with the english language and the spoken word

Scroll down to view the range of content and in-cell courses available.

Five reasons to have our TV channels in your prison

This is a unique opportunity to gain in-cell purposeful activity & learning
Plus it's an excellent way to directly communicate to staff & prisoners via their preferred media - TV!

Over 30 content partners

We've secured permission and agreements with over thirty content providers so that we are able to bring you specially curated content that compliments, reinforces and extends education & employment opportunities.

Compelling, original and exclusive content for HMP residents! See examples at RUMBLE

Get vital information to prisoners instantly

No more posting A4 notices to wing walls - communicate instantly via our scrolling news ticker tape and get your message on the in-cell and wing office TVs at the touch of a button.

Work with us to develop video campaigns that reach ALL HMP residents regardless of any literacy issues.

Brain food & Activity...

...for those unable to engage with normal routine or those that want to extend or need help with their learning.

Plus, our in-cell courses are accredited and can be counted as purposeful activity.
Courses include: Maths, JobSmart, Business Start-Up, Fitness & Health plus Graphic Design.

More coming on-line soon.

Full support

We guarantee a robust and reliable service and already have a proven track record of providing this valuable service to over 50 prisons nationally. Our committed & specialized team include broadcast professionals, content producers and qualified tutors.

We're always on hand to help with content, support or training requests.
All instalation work is undertaken by a HMPPS Nationally Cleared team with a proven track record

Prisoners are watching!

Recent surveys & focus groups csuggest that 97% of prisoners were regularly watching Wayout TV

It is the go-to place prisoners visit to keep up to date with prison information and extend their learning.

Brought to you by PeoplePlus
The perfect education partner for the Justice sector

PEF provider for Prisons across England

Wayout TV, Way2Learn & WAYS are educational television channels developed by PeoplePlus as a means of communication, education and the promotion of offender services.

Developed in prisons for prisons, the primary objective of the service is to educate, inform and communicate to prisoners in their cell in an engaging and prisoner-centric manner. Already a proven asset in prisons and immigration centres across the UK, PeoplePlus are proud to support this inovative service which helps improves people's lives and helps make our society a safer place to live.


Wayout TV & WAYS or Way2Learn

Three in-cell learning channels
That improve prisoners prospects.

Yes, three channels that are distinct in their purpose and content. Wayout TV is a live in-cell communication tool for prisons which promotes, extends and encourages engagement with regime activities and education. A live dynamic schedule of programming from over 30 content providers ensures that channel content complements HMP Education & Training. Must-see brain food that inspires and motivates.
Way2Learn Is your true in-cell learning channel that is 100% produced by PeoplePlus's Justice division which enables prisoners to take responsibility for their learning with in-cell self-study. We provide short introductory courses across a variety of subjects with courses now recognised by The UWE Bristol (University).
WAYS Is our audio/speech based service that curates the best podcasts, audio-books and speech-based programming (and is included in the Wayout TV license).


What people say about us


" I love Wayout TV - the best investment I've ever made" - HMP Governor


"A fantastic resource for prison staff" - HMPPS Regional HoLS


"This is OUR channel - really inspirational " - HMP Wymott prisoner